Explore the various negotiation strategies and tactics to develop extreme negotiation skills. 


Negotiation Literacy is a monthly publication offering a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts in negotiation strategies while learning creative bargaining techniques.

Discover critical negotiation skills needed to close more deals and how working together can help you negotiate even the most difficult conversations by taking stock of possibilities, resources, and solutions.

Negotiate More Effectively

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As a Certified Mediator and Mediator Trainer, Jody Bruns provides new insight on negotiation skills and strategies.

I came to see that honing my negotiation skills was essential to my success and the success of my clients and my company. I know this situation is not unique. That's precisely why Negotiation Literacy is so essential to your success.

Negotiating effectively is essential for all business professionals, especially for service-oriented businesses. Having negotiation skills training equips you with the skills to close deals that might otherwise be dead-locked, maximize value in the agreements you reach, and resolve counterproductive positions before they escalate into costly conflicts.

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