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Divorce Literacy is a monthly publication dedicated to providing family lawyers and other family law professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources to assist with divorce related situations when working with divorcing homeowners who need real property and mortgage financing strategies.

If you work with clients who have real property or mortgage concerns involved in their divorce, Divorce Literacy will keep you updated on current trends and solutions that affect divorcing homeowners.

Whether you're contending with debts, assets, child support, or a combination of complexities, Divorce Literacy brings creative strategies for a smoother and more successful resolution when real property and mortgage financing are present.

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As the President and Founder of the Divorce Lending Association and the Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP™) Certification, Jody Bruns shares over 30 years of experience of her knowledge and insight in working with divorcing homeowners with real property and mortgage financing.

Whether you are an attorney, financial advisor, mediator, or another divorce professional including real estate and mortgage professionals, Divorce Literacy provides you with insight that elevates your knowledge and negotiation strategies when working with divorcing homeowners.

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