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Negotiation Principles

Becoming A More Effective Negotiator Starts Here with Negotiation Strategies & Theory

Equip yourself with the innovative negotiation strategies you need to excel at the bargaining table. 

Negotiation Principles

Top salespeople know that no matter what the marketplace, successful negotiations are those where everyone wins - the customer, the organization, and themselves.

The ability to negotiate effectively is an important skill for all business professionals, especially for the sales professional. Having negotiation skills training equips you with the skills to close deals that might otherwise be deadlocked, maximize value in the agreements you reach, and resolve differences before they escalate into costly conflicts.

Negotiation Skills Lead To Results

The results? When salespeople understand how to negotiate effectively, they not only reach more sales agreements more often, they also ensure the profitability of those agreements for themselves and the organization.

Negotiation Principles provides the sales professional with the concepts and skills needed to steer negotiations to a successful close.

  • Discover a framework for thinking about negotiation success.
  • Examine and develop effective techniques for addressing a variety of negotiation challenges.
  • Put it all together and emerge well equipped to negotiate more skillfully, confidently, and effectively.

Who Benefits From Negotiation Skills Training?

Sales Professionals

Sharpen your negotiation skills and develop strategies and techniques to achieve greater success at the bargaining table.

Value Driven Individuals

Develop the negotiation skills needed to maximize value in your everyday life, from negotiating a raise to buying a car to closing a contract.

Early & Mid-Career

Gain the necessary skills and confidence to grow your career and successfully negotiate at work, on the job, or day-to-day conversations.

What You'll Learn With Negotiation Principles

  • Understand negotiation dynamics and how to prepare for uncertainty
  • Learn to craft agile strategy and be quick on your feet in changing circumstances
  • Resolve small differences before they escalate
  • Secure maximum value for your organization and yourself
  • Reflect on personal behaviors and refine your approach to be more effective

Why Are Negotiation Skills Important?

Gaining customer commitment to a profitable business partnership... that's the ultimate goal of every interaction between salespeople and their customers. But in today's marketplace, securing customer commitment is more challenging than ever before.

Increasing competition and escalating customer demands make it difficult for salespeople to gain acceptance of an initial sales proposal or contract. More often than not, the salesperson is expected to negotiate or risk losing the business. 

Program Structure and Delivery

  • Negotiation Principles consists of 12 negotiation strategies & techniques lessons delivered monthly over a 12 month period.
  • This course offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts in negotiation strategies.
  • Learn creative bargaining techniques.
  • Explore the various negotiation strategies and tactics to develop extreme negotiation skills.
  • These 30-45 minute lessons include a video training module, lesson handbook and assessment.

Negotiation Principles

Becoming a Stronger Negotiator Starts Here!

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